What Warren Buffett Might Say About Taxes

May 11, 2016

401k, Investment, ROTH IRA

5/11/2016 AZ Republic by Dr. Harold Wong Warren Buffett is known as the Greatest Stock Market Investor of the last 5 decades. In 2015, he was ranked by Forbes Magazine as the 3rd wealthiest person in the world. He is known for many wise sayings about investments; the world of money; and life. His #1 […]

Common Sense IRA and 401(k) Strategies

May 06, 2015

401k, Baby Boomers & Money, IRA, Retirement, ROTH IRA

5/6/2015 AZ Republic by Dr. Harold Wong For many, especially in the Baby Boomer generation, most of their financial assets are in their IRA or 401(k). Here are some strategies that can make a big difference for your retirement: Maximize your annual contribution to your IRA and get the full employer match to your 401(k). […]

The Benefits of a Multi-Generational IRA

Apr 01, 2015

401k, Multi-Generational IRA

April, 2015 CITY SunTimes by Dr. Harold Wong Many have substantial amounts kept in tax-deferred retirement accounts, such as an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), TSA, or 457 plan. All of this money is either tax-deferred wages or profits from a self-employed activities. For those who own businesses that make substantial profits, even larger amounts may be stored […]

2 Helpful Tax Strategies: Solo 401(k) and Multi-Generational IRA

Dec 03, 2014

401k, Multi-Generational IRA, Retirement

If you’re like most taxpayers, you have no clue about the most effective tax strategies for these financial vehicles – especially if you lack access to expensive accountants and attorneys. Here’s some guidance. Here are two common situations and innovative solutions that might help. You are self-employed and want to save tax. You feel you […]

Secret Advanced Tax Strategies Part 2

Oct 24, 2014

401k, Income Tax, IRA, Multi-Generational IRA, ROTH IRA

10/24/2014 AZ Republic by Dr. Harold Wong The previous article, “Secret Advanced Tax Strategies”, October 10, 2014 The AZ Republic, can be found at www.DrWongInvestorGuide.com. It covered two little known strategies: the Family or solo 401k and the Roth/Multi-Generational IRA. This article will handle some of the resulting questions in more detail. For those who […]

Secret Advanced Tax Strategies

Oct 10, 2014

401k, Income Tax, IRA, Seniors & Money

10/10/2014 AZ Republic by Dr. Harold Wong This article will cover a number of tax strategies that are little known to most taxpayers who do not have access to very expensive tax CPA’s and tax attorneys who serve the wealthy. I will give case studies where a particular strategy might be used. Future articles will […]

How Social Security Strategies Affect Your Retirement

May 21, 2014

401k, Private Pension, Social Security

(5/23/2014 AZ Republic by Dr. Harold Wong) The Social Security Press Office has published a Fact Sheet that gives some interesting numbers. In 2014, There 39 million retired workers who receive $1,294 in average monthly benefits; 8.8 million disabled workers who receive $1,146 in average monthly benefits; and 6.2 million Survivors who receive $1,244 in […]

Solo 401(k) Saves Tax for Small Family Business

Apr 07, 2014

401k, Baby Boomers & Money

(4/11/2014 AZ Republic by Dr. Harold Wong) People are scrambling to finish their 2013 tax year return and wondering how they can save tax for the 2014 tax year. The Solo 401(k) is a strategy that few utilize. It is designed for small business owners who have only family employees. The limit is two participants, […]

2012 Tax Moves, Including Solo 401(k)

Jan 15, 2013

401k, Income Tax

(Special to the 12/15/2012 AZ Republic by Dr. Harold Wong) It’s December 15, 2012 and there are only 2 weeks left in the tax year. What tax strategies might you consider before the calendar year 2012 ends? Let me list several scenarios: You are lucky to have large long-term capital gains: If you have held […]

2012 Tax Moves, Including Solo 401(k)

Jan 05, 2013


(Special to the 1/5/2013 AZ Republic by Dr. Harold Wong) I am writing this article on 1/2/2013 and there has been a short-term solution to the “Fiscal Cliff”. The “Fiscal Cliff” has 4 main parts: (1) cuts to defense spending; (2) cuts to non-defense spending and Medicare payments to doctors; (3) expiration of the temporary […]